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Meze Audio introduces ELITE, headphones that deliver accurate, authentic sound that meets the highest expectations of an experienced audiophile.


Meze Audio collaborated again (after the Empyreans) with the Ukrainian specialist Rinaro Isodynamics, who created an entirely new tailor-made driver. This is the MZ3SE Isodynamic Hybrid Array, which sees a combination of individual switchbacks and spiral-shaped voice coils to direct sound waves with greater precision around the natural shape of the ear.

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The design is based on what the customer has already seen aboard the Empyreans. The commutation coil focuses on the lower frequencies. It is positioned at the top of the driver, flanked by a coiled-coil positioned directly on the ear canal, which focuses more on the mid and high frequencies. The ELITE provides an impressive declared frequency response of 3-112,000 Hz with an impedance of 32 Ohms.

The driver is equipped with Rinaro Parus, a new high-performance diaphragm material developed specifically for this model after a three-year research and development process.

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This low-mass acoustic diaphragm is manufactured with a tailor-made sequential biaxial stretch technology, and this process involves stretching the material in transverse directions at high temperatures to improve structural performance.


The frame of the Meze Audio ELITE combines aluminum, carbon fiber, and leather, promising maximum comfort and long-term durability, although the scale reaches 430 grams.

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The device offers HYBRID ear cushions with a depth of 25 mm, made of Alcantara and leather in a single design, a headband combining aluminum, carbon fiber, and leather, as well as ferromagnetic plates directing the magnetic field back into the emitter, increasing the power output by 1 dB or 12%. According to the manufacturer, each part of the headphone case is available for easy dismantling and maintenance.

After the Empyreans, also on board the ELITE, is isomagnetic pavilions held in position exclusively by the demagnetization field of the headphone driver.

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Price and Availability

Meze Audio ELITE is still in the pre-order period, with the delivery expected to begin in the course of September 2021. For an amount of 4,000 euros, the potential customer can take the state-of-the-art product home.

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