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The advancement of technologies has bring a lot into the modern era where music is still one of the shortest escape runaways for taking a moment for ourselves. Tech companies saw over this and produce a ton of variations of medium to enjoy music.

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Human headphones is not like any other medium to enjoy music as the gadget can give more than just maximum experience. The more complete features from Human Headphones come with innovative designs, intuitive controls, and connectivity.

The uniquely shaped wireless headphones are designed to be used all day long by giving a strong sound through the induction technology. The 3 in 1 design of the headphones makes quality over-the-ear with the convenience of ear-buds that are mounted on a portable Bluetooth 4.2 speaker.

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Weighing 1.62 ounces, the Human Headphone is very easy to install as portable Bluetooth speakers and the benefits are quite numerous, such as to listen to music, receive phone calls and become a translator for up to 11 languages with Speaker mode.

Human Headphones are not only comfortable to use all day long but also safe as the gadget is created with comfy material. The tech inside the 280 mAh battery life can stand over 9 hours on a single charge.

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With these sophisticated headphones, you can just keep your cellphone in your pocket since it also comes with intuitive touch and voice control. Touch gesture control is varied including pausing, playing, the next or last song, volume up and calling a digital assistant.

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Human Headphones’ innovative shape supports the optimal distance for beamforming microphones so the sound is more optimal, even when the environment is noisy.

Even so, these headphones will not eliminate your awareness of the surrounding environment because the choir from the outside and the music from the headphones can be well integrated. You can get maximum results through the Human application, including translation, blend, and speaker modes.

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The advantage of this Human Headphone is not only limited to the design and control but also in the connectivity it has.  Accurately, the headphones will capture your voice, not the surrounding noise.

Speaker mode allows you to listen to music, both privately and share playlists with others. Need to answer an incoming call? You just have to do simple tapping and enjoy high-quality voice capture wherever you are.

You can take home the Human Headphone by spending at least $ 259 which is the introductory launch price. When the period is over, the marketed price of the product will be around $399. Aside from the Human Headphones, you will also get fit pads, fit attachments, travel cases, wall adapters, charging cradles, and fit and quick start guides.




Human Headphone

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