URBANEARS Pampas Bluetooth Headphone: Designed for extra long listening sessions.

Urbanears Pampas Bluetooth Headphone 6

Headphones are, nowadays, is a must-have item for a lot of people. Some of them took the practical approach while others see it as the new fashion-ish item. A Swedish company called Ubranears is aware of these two separations and introducing its latest headphone model, the Pampas which is not only practical but also looks splendid.

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The Pampas headphone is utilizing a wireless over-ear system and provides a combination of styles and functionality for its user. The Elegant design plus the ability to last up to 30 hours makes this product is ideal for those who are the typical busy bee in modern life.

The headphone has quite a larger size, but still, on the minimalist side and offer a pleasant color choice. In addition, Pampas adds a control pad that is located on the side using a mature design and some of the best elements, such as adding a soft headband and a sloping ear cup.

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Its user will have full control of the control knob audio device. Plus the presence of a foldable design and of course, the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to complete the whole astonishing setup. Pampas also has a wireless coverage of 30 feet (around 10 meters) which is more than adequate.

Pampas is named after Pampas Marina, a hub for Stockholm’s vivid boating life. With its picturesque sea view, a houseboat community enjoys a city escape with the luxury of not having to leave it.  – URBANEARS

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Pampas also has an internal microphone that will be useful for receiving calls. You can answer the call by using the control knob.

Moving on to technical specifications, these headphones have dynamic transducers in the form of 32 Ohm driver impedances. The Pampas headphones also have a fairly wide frequency range, which ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

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Through this headphone, URBANEARS wants to provide a distinctive audio listening experience. Not only does it offer design and aesthetics, but Pampas also provides above-average audio quality. While wearing it, your ears are made to be comfortable because there will be no noise. This key feature is what the audio heads are frequently looking for.

Plus, the AI ​​feature allows you to get on the voice control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. In addition to that, the headphones still provide a control button that allows its user to change selected songs, adjust the volume, and even answer calls.

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The company provides three color choices, Field Green, Charcoal Black, and Almond Beige, so you can choose freely according to your liking. As for the price, URBANEARS is not asking too much for the Pampas Bluetooth Headphone even though they have quite a lot of advanced features on it. In order to take this headphone home, you need to to put aside $ 149.99. Quite reasonable, right?


URBANEARS Pampas Bluetooth Headphone

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Urbanears Pampas Bluetooth Headphone 7

Urbanears Pampas Bluetooth Headphone 6

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