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The impact that is coming from global warming has opened up new perceptions in the way humans move. On a macro scale, humans may still not be forced to move from a specific area but from the micro-perspective, we have to slow down the impact of global warming.

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One of the best solutions is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and start switching to alternative energy. This is one of the missions that is carried on by Boosted that presents their brand-new product called Boosted Rev.

The presence of the Boosted Rev means creating an alternative for transportation. Not just a means of transportation that can take you to a place of choice. Boosted Rev comes as a means of transportation with a blend of iconic design and undoubted durability. The manufacturer created Boosted Rev for those of you who enjoy better driving quality.

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Produced with the best components and incorporating exclusive powertrain technology, Boosted Rev deliver unbeatable performance and quality. In addition, the Boosted Rev was also created to meet all the expectations of the riders.

“Boosted Rev is a true blend of iconic design, vehicle-grade safety, and durability. We custom-built and manufactured every component, incorporating our proprietary powertrain technology to deliver the unbeatable performance and quality our riders expect” –Boosted

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Boosted Rev was created by implementing several aspects, ranging from user convenience, safety, to comfort. The company didn’t gamble on the prospect of their product so they knit everything from A to Z.

The throttle wheel looks quite simple but the complicated mechanical system embedded on it enable Boosted Rev to accelerate and braking with only one hand. The geometry of the frame is detailedly considered, by presenting an autonomous handlebar, with tires that are specifically designed to produce a product that is stable.

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The two-motor drive system will provide an additional sensation of energy when crossing the uphill road. While the braking quality is also guaranteed since the Boosted Rev is equipped with an electric braking system. That way this scooter guarantees its rider safety on city roads as well as on the uphill areas.

The electric power behind Boosted Rev can push the scooter as long as 22 miles. You will also get three riding modes plus the intuitive data that can be displayed through the head-mount display or the companion apps.

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Key Features: 
  • Range: Go up to 22 miles on a single charge.
  • Top Speed: Get there faster with a 24 mph top speed.
  • Hill Climbing: Climb a 25% grade hill without breaking a sweat.
  • Ride Modes: 3 ride modes help you maximize range.
  • Wheels: Custom wide wheels to handle just about anything.
  • Brakes: 3 reliable ways to brake, including a regenerative electric brake.
  • Safe Design: Stay balanced on a wide, stable platform.



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