2020 Honda Ruckus: the simplest answer is the best one

2020 Honda Ruckus 1

Let’s meet Honda Ruckus – Honda Zoomer for the American market. Early this year, Honda officially launched the updated Ruckus for the 2020 model.

Starting from the front, the 2020 Honda Ruckus immediately attracted attention thanks to a pair of large round headlamps whose designs are reminiscent of a dirt bike.

The size of the headlamp is quite large, with a separate turn signal which is often found on naked sportbikes.

2020 Honda Ruckus 5

Moving on to the body, once again this scooter is attracting attention thanks to the use of the body of the pipe model as if the rider looks floating while riding it.

2020 Honda Ruckus 3

The new 2020 Honda Ruckus still relies on a 49 cc engine with a liquid-cooled capacity capable of spitting out 4.4 hp of power with 4.5 Nm of torque. It doesn’t sound overpowering, but it’s not in terms of performance, this is actually quite a lot.

2020 Honda Ruckus 2

Even though it only packed a small capacity engine, the Honda Ruckus’ acceleration is very smooth and responsive. Thus, Honda claims that their new updated scooter is very suitable for urban traffic.

2020 Honda Ruckus 8

There’s once particular advantages of the engine. Thanks to the use of a small capacity engine whose fuel consumption is very economical, this motorbike is able to adopt an 18 mm CV carburetor to pack a punch.

2020 Honda Ruckus 4

The front suspension of the 2020 Honda Ruckus still uses a telescopic system installed in reverse. While on the back, the 2020 Honda Ruckus adopted a monoshock suspension.

2020 Honda Ruckus 7

This scooter uses 10-inch rims wrapped in 120/90 tires on the front and 130/90 for the rear. As for the dimensions, the Honda Ruckus has a wheelbase of 1,264 mm, ground clearance of 144, a seat height of 734 mm, plus, it weighs 88 kg.

2020 Honda Ruckus 6


Special for the 2020 version, Honda Ruckus is offered in two color options, Black and White/Red. Last but not least, the Honda Ruckus 2020 is marketed for $ 2,749 in the US.

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