2020 Honda Metropolitan: A Time-Saver With Timeless Style and All the Modern Innovations

2020 Honda Metropolitan 2

Honda recently just launched a motorcycle which, although its body is tiny, the price tag is quite extraordinary.  The company had pinned some special components to make it more expensive compared to the previous automatic motorbike.

The latest scooter from Honda that has a fantastic price tag is called 2020 Honda Metropolitan. The inaugural release of the latest motorbike from Honda has been carried out in the United States, on January 20, 2020. And as mentioned earlier, even though it is small in stature, but the tech is very up to date.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 1

2020 Honda Metropolitan 3

In terms of features, the 2020 Honda Metropolitan has been equipped with a Smartphone charger that is placed on the dashboard. The feature will complement the needs of modern society.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 4

The 2020 Honda Metropolitan is also equipped with an electric starter and a Stop Engine button that allows the rider to safely turn off the vehicle when something sudden happens.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 6

Honda embedded a 49 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder PGM-FI engine on Metropolitan where the maximum power can reach 4.4 hp. And all that power has been channeled to the rear wheels using the Automatic V-Matic transmission.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 7

The fuel system uses the PGM-FI Electronic Fuel injection system, so it is guaranteed that the scooter is very efficient in producing maximum power.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 5

The front shock breaker of the 2020 Honda Metropolitan is trusted to the telescopic forks 68.5mm. While the rear uses single cylindrical shock absorbers with 58.4mm stroke.

As for the front tire, the Metropolitan got 80/100 x 10 inches with the rear wheels of the same size. The tank capacity is clocked at 4.5L with an empty weight of 81 kg.

2020 Honda Metropolitan 2

As for the price, 2020 Honda Metropolitan is marketed with a price tag of $ 2,499 which in all honesty is quite pricey for an automatic scooter. Well, at least the owner of the scooter will get a luggage space of 22 liters.

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