5 Things You Can Expect from a 150cc 4-Stroke Engine

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Motorcycles are usually associated with speed. That’s because of its engine, and bike engines come in two sizes, 50cc and 150cc. They also come in variants such as 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. While a 50cc 2-stroke engine is suitable for short distances, a 150cc, 4-stroke engine is what gives you maximum power.

These are a few things that you can expect from a 150cc 4-stroke engine.

A 150cc engine can reach speeds of 55 mph to 70 mph. That said, there are other factors also that impact speed. The condition of your engine is the first. If the engine is not well-maintained, then you can expect a lower top speed. Weight is the next point to consider. Your weight and the passenger’s weight play a vital role in the speed of your bike.

Any modifications to the body of the bike can also impact speed. If you add accessories like tail top boxes or side bags, then it will weigh down the bike.

Durable and Reliable
150cc 4-stroke engines run on a lower RPM (revolutions per minute). This means less wear to the engine. The lesser the wear, the longer the gap between engine overhauls. Because the 4-stroke engine does not have a dedicated lubricating system, it lasts longer than a 2-stroke engine. Also, a 4-stroke will make less noise than a 2-stroke. These engines allow ease of maneuvering in traffic and are lower maintenance.

Ideal for Riding in Cities
Despite what you have heard about the engine, a 150cc 4-stroke engine is perfect for riding in cities. It is easy to maneuver in traffic and through lanes and side-roads, with the constant braking. With its disc brakes in the front and large drum brakes in the rear, it allows for secure braking in traffic. It also handles well at high speeds. With features like engine kill switch, self-canceling turn indicator, backlit switches, electric start, tubeless tires, alloy wheels, and disc brakes, bikes with 150cc 4-stroke engines are becoming more popular.

Fuel Economy
4-strokes are better known for their fuel economy over 2-stroke engines. Since it provides complete combustion of the intake charge, it saves fuel. Also, because 2-strokes are more environmentally challenging, due to their noise and emissions, they are being replaced with 4-strokes. So, this is the time to consider replacing your 2-stroke engine with a 4-stroke one. Since 150cc engines are made with fuel-efficient technology, you should switch to one now.

DIY Small Issues
The best part of the engine is that you can fix small issues yourself. For example, you can tune the carburetor yourself for optimal performance. You can also adjust the brakes yourself, or replace the throttle cable. With its spares affordable, it is the choice of engine among bike riders.

Your scooter/bike ride should be fun, simple, and economical all at the same time. A 150cc 4 stroke engine ensures this with its speed, power, fuel economy, disc brakes, and inexpensive spares. The engine does not require frequent overhauls due to its lower RPM. So, switch your old engine with a 150cc 4-stroke engine today.

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