Most Common Plumbing Issues in Sydney

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The Local area of the city of Sydney is approximately 26.15 square kilometers. In the past ten years, Sydney is the fastest growing local government in Australia. Sydney is known to have the highest real estate prices in the world. In 2016, there were approximately 1.76 million residential areas in Sydney. A combination of old and new dwellings is found in Sydney. Given the prices, house-builders invest in high-quality materials. Plumbing is one of the areas where they spend money to avoid issues. In case plumbing issues arise, there are many residential plumbing services in Sydney that can help solve the most common plumbing issues. Here is a look at these common plumbing problems in Sydney.

Rusty Water Pipes

As mentioned, there are many heritage residential areas in Sydney. Some of them are in The Rocks, Potts Point, Paddington, and Balmain. The most common plumbing issues in these areas are rusty and corrosive water pipes. Rust can significantly affect the water pipes, especially if the pipes supply water to the household. Rust can have an impact on the quality of the water supply. If you notice that the hot water coming out from the faucet is reddish-brown, it is a sign that your water pipes are rusty. Although a small amount of rust does not cause a threat to your health, it is still better to have the issue fixed by some of the reliable residential plumbing services in Sydney.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems in Sydney. Given that it is the most common problem, it still needs to be taken care of quickly because it can lead to more significant issues like leaks and flooding. Blocked drains are the most dreaded plumbing problem in Sydney. Most property insurance in Sydney does not cover water damage caused by blocked drains.

Clogged Toilet

If you are beginning to notice that water in your toilet flushes slower than usual, then something might be causing it. A clogged toilet can temporarily be fixed using a plunger. If the problem shows again after several days, then you will need to call expert residential plumbing services in Sydney to solve the problem.

Water Pipe Leaks and Clogs

A leak or clog in the water pipe is one of the most expensive plumbing issues to solve. Some of the modern architectures and residential areas found in Sydney have their water pipes hidden in their walls or under the floor. Plumbers would have to destroy the walls or floors to find the leak or the clogged area.

Fixing a water pipe leak and removing water pipe clogs can cost many homeowners a lot. Check your property insurance if it is covered. Make sure to verify if it will include the entire amount. Some insurance would only cover the fix on the water pipes, but not the damage caused while finding the leak. In other words, the walls and the floor that the plumber tears down while searching for the leak will not be covered.

The above-mentioned plumbing issues are most common in the residential areas of Sydney. Many residential plumbing services can easily solve these issues. Houses built decades ago are more prone to plumbing issues because of the use of old plumbing technology. Modern architectures, on the other hand, are not free from these plumbing issues, but if the plumbing system is well planned and executed, problems can be avoided.

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