Novitec Esteto V2: Italian style combined with German precision

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Recently, Novitec returned with a modification package for Maserati Levante. The modification package called Levante Esteto V2 consists of a performance upgrade and a lightweight carbon fiber body kit.

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Upfront, the Maserati’s first SUV getting new lip spoilers under the bumper and garnish to the hood. Then on the side, there is an over fender that makes it stretch 10 cm front and 12 cm back.

The side view also comes with simple side skirts and new rims with a 22-inch Y crossbar. While the rear area is also strengthened by the use of a new diffuser. Plus, there is a thin spoiler inserted along with the trunk door.

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The rear view of the Levante GrandSport looks even more sporty with additional wing pads and double mufflers. As a finishing touch, Maserati Levante will be given white paint to present a modern and clean look.

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In addition to the exterior, the standard suspension of the car has also been overhauled. The choice went to the application of an air suspension that makes the car able to bend for about 25 mm.

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As for the performance, Novitec provides an extra boost to the 3,800 ccs twin-turbo V8 engine to burst its power to 616 hp. The torque reaches 820 Nm by pairing the car with the Novitec N-Tronic

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Novitec N-Tronic is a processor-controlled device that will be connected to the original engine management with a plug & play cable. In total there will be a 44 hp of extra power and additional torque of 90 Nm.

The package may include interior overhaul depending on the request of the prospective customer. Any interested parties can send their request via Novitec official website.


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