Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds Review: It’s Good But…

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 5

Currently,  smartphone model without a 3.5mm audio jack continues to grow. Smartphone manufacturers argue that with the loss of the audio jack, the smartphone will be lighter and certainly thinner.

However, what’s so-called as advancement is also have its ripple effect on how the music lovers enjoy their music which is, of course, switching to the latest audio technology, namely by having an earbud or headset with Bluetooth technology.

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 5

But as we all know very well that earbuds with Bluetooth technology are not cheap, there is a price to pay if you want to get a good quality Bluetooth audio earbuds. Linpa World saw the gap of a huge price range and release a Bluetooth earbud that is very affordable but also got good audio quality. The company called it T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds.

T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds are like the “welcome-product” to the astonishing lineup of Linpa World. The company currently have three products that have good audio quality but that’s is not why this product is super famous. It’s the price tag!. Linpa World T1 Pro was released in 2018 and has attracted a lot of interest in music lovers thanks to its good build and overall quality.

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The T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds is a contemporary earbud that fits all devices such as laptops, tablets and of course smartphones, making it the perfect companion for your everyday earbuds.

Inside the packaging, you will get T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds, 2 pairs of ear tips (one pair preinstalled), 1 Charging Case, 1 Micro USB Cable, user manual and thank you card. As we said earlier, the Linpa World T1 Pro is the prime Bluetooth earbud that is marketed at an affordable price of $34.99.

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 2

Case Design

The Linpa World T1  Pro Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with a compact multi-use case which is act as the storage area for the earbuds, charging points and at the same time, the power bank for earbuds with USB type 2.0 ports.

I personally really like the size of the case that resembles a capsule that is very comfortable to hold and easy to carry everywhere. The built of the case is also quite solid I should say since I have unintentionally dropped it twice – sorry –  but there isn’t a scratch on it. 

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 6

There are 2 LED indicators on the case, the first one is for the notification of the battery level in the case. Red means low battery while green means the battery is full. The other LED indicator will turn green when the earbud is removed from the case, it will then automatically turn on and be ready to be connected.


Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds is designed in accordance with the shape of the human ear. It is comfortable to wear since it is a lightweight product of 4 grams. It is also equipped with an LED indicator that will tell you if you have already connected the earbud successfully.

I have tried like several brands of Bluetooth earbuds but only a few that has a design language such as this earbuds. It just feels right from the first time I tried it, and over time I forgot that I even have put it on.

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 7

Thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 technology that is embedded on it, the T1 Pro can instantly be connected to any device. The distance between the device and earbud can get as far as 10 meters or around 33 ft. As for the duration, the Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds can hold on for 3.5 hours of usage with a charging time of 1.5 hours, it is more than enough.

Let’s not stop the hype train, since there are a lot of things that can be done with these earbuds. There is a button in each earbud that has multiple functions such as play – and pause – and with double clicks, you can use the T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds to receive your calls.

Linpa World T1 Pro earbuds can also take over the command for your personal voice assistants. By simply pressing the button on one of the earbuds and holding it for 1 second, the users can flawlessly utilize their Google Assistant or Siri.

Durability and Sound Quality

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 1

Who would have thought, with a very bargaining price, it turned out that these earbuds had a good audio quality. Simply to put, for its price the T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds gives us more than enough quality on it.

The “heavy bass effect” technology implanted in Linpa World T1 Pro is my – so-far – favorite since am a bass head who loves extra bass. The resulting bass is soft but solid, so the quality of music between vocals and instrumental remains intact.

The audio quality is also getting its support from the 3D Stereo technology that is balanced between left and right earbuds so that it just hit perfectly.

I do think that the balance between the quality of the music produced and the price tag of the product is a lil bit tilted toward its quality. I dare to say that the company is putting on a lil bit too much – which in this case, is good. You just couldn’t ask for more!



Before going on and on about all the good things about the T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds, I should remind all of you guys out there that we are not gonna take stretch too much in comparing these earbuds with the premium product which got the price tag of over ten times of this product. Personally, I do think that those kinds of comparison are useless and unjust toward the product.

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 3

But I should say this, If someone is asking me for recommendations for the best earbuds under $ 50, I will surely point them at Linpa World T1 Pro. it’s just unbelievable that with a price tag of $34.99 these earbuds managed to steal my heart with its exceptional sound quality. To put it simply, there are 3 positive points why Linpa World T1 Pro is gonna stay by my side.

First, the sound quality is very good even though the price tag is way below $ 50. I have tried several products on this range and I can say that Linpa World T1 Pro is still superior with good solid bass and 3D stereo music.

Second, the form of earbuds and their many functions. Linpa World T1 Pro has a design that is really suitable for human ears. Although the size is quite large, it is sitting comfortably plus you won’t get this feeling that the earbuds gonna fall off from your ear.

Last, the price is easy on the pocketbook but it does not reduce the quality. People usually think that to have solid Bluetooth earbuds they will need to drain their wallet – I used to think so – but this statement does not apply to Linpa World T1 Pro. Although the price is a budget, these earbuds have good sound quality with solid built.

Linpa World T1 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds 8

However, there are a few shortcomings that you can’t just glance over. In order to connect the earbuds, it’s kinda difficult sometimes. You need to wipe it off from the paired connection in order to connect it to the new device.

Another minus point comes from the earbuds’ button which is a lil bit too hard. Sometimes you need to press the button harder in order to pause or skip the song which creates this moment of uncomfortable while wearing it.

Finally, I dare to say that if you buy the T1 Pro Bluetooth earbuds, I am 100% sure that you will immediately fall in love and be able to enjoy your favorite music to your heart’s content. You might have stuttered a bit while trying to connect it but it is the best Bluetooth earbuds in its price range.

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