Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset Review: Sharp and Clear, The Cost-effective Headphone

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 4

Looking trendy in public is a must nowadays, especially if you are the Millenials who are keen on changing the perspective of attractive accessories. In modern times, accessories are not limited in the form of jewelry, but also technology.

A smartwatch is the must-have fashion item to boost the fashion that makes us more confident while headphones – tho it is a lil bit too much sometimes, is the hit and miss item that – when it combines perfectly – will improve the overall look.

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 5

Headphones are one of the mandatory accessories that are brought on when you need to unwind and relax in a cafe, or other public places. Not just a mere product to increase concentration in the public space, but wearing the right headphones is crucial to get the best impression.

Just in case you need to choose headphones that give the impression of elegance and attractive design, the Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset can be your choice. This headphone already got the attention of publics with positive reaction through the Amazon platform.

The reason is that not only does it has good sound quality, but the company does not forget about embedding the attractive design so that when you use it in the public space it will definitely increase self-confidence. These headphones are valued at $ 29.98 and are ready to spoil you with all of its features.


Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 4

The first impression that I got while opening the box is elegance. This one particular word is enough to attract me to just try it. Covered in black, Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone uses soft material on all sides which are perfect for those who care much about the style of their gadgets.

Put in on, and immediately you will feel that comfort is the prime concern of the company, thanks to the sponge pinned on both sides of the cups.

While testing it, I was wearing these headphones for quite a long period of time – almost 8 hours of usage – and not even once did I feel stuffy while wearing it.

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 3

The M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone also giving its user full control for all audio activities that we need to do. While listening to music, you can easily control the volume by touching and holding the physical button on the right side of the headphone.

The same physical button can also be utilized for changing songs with just one touch. The ingenious control certainly provides a maximum experience in controlling the music we want to listen to.

The function of nowadays product is not complete with special buttons to answer the telephone, as well as a microphone that is available on the right side of the headphone. These headphones will also be giving you the flexibility to adjust to a certain length since it has the ability to provide more space for headbands up to 40mm.

Durability and Sound Quality

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 2

The outer appearance is already stunning but the features of the Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset is where this product is shining brightly. Let’s start with something easy such as the Bluetooth 4.1 technology that helps connect it flawlessly with other gadgets.

Not a fan of Bluetooth connection? Easy, Linpa anticipates this by embedding a 3.5mm audio jack that is pinned to the right side of the headphone.

These headphones are equipped with Neodymium drivers and Liquid Crystal Diaphragms that produce an exceptional sound, but also very low in energy usage. The addition of this tech then pushes this headphone to last up to 30 hours of usage time in a single charge.

Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset uses a 400 mAh battery that takes up to 1.5 to 2.5 hours of charging. The superiority of long-lasting battery life is certainly astonishing since the product is not that big.

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 1

The sound quality it produced is astonishing since the Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset is using the Hi-Res technology that can produce clean, comfortable medium sound thanks to the 40mm drive. The quality is not inferior to other headphones that have a pricier tag.

Uniquely, the Linpa World M1 is also equipped with noise-canceling which can dampen the sound from outside that tries to enter inside the headphones, so that the impression of silence is felt deeply while wearing these headphones, even when you are not using high volume.


Although it was designed for budget users, Linpa World built a solid good quality product. They took care of all the principal things in designing good headphones from a trendy and elegant design to the exceptional sound and audio quality.

I myself was amazed when I try the headphones. The built quality feels premium which makes me wonder if the product is on the upper rank of the price range which is wrong. After using it for a while, I’m quite sure that I have kinda overpaid for all the headphones I have until now. To put it simply, there are four things that I value very much on this product.

Linpa World M1 On Ear Bluetooth Headset 6

First is the dashing appearance of the design. The price of these headphones is inversely proportional to the unique design. The headband uses soft and solid material so that it is can comfortably be worn. Second, its diverse connectivity option. Even though it has Bluetooth 4.1, the Linpa Word M1 also has a 3.5mm audio jack port – the headset is not using battery charge in wired mode.

The third one is an amazingly durable battery. I found the battery life to be great and I can without much of a stretch get more than 27 hours from one single charge. So far I’ve just needed to charge it once and I’ve been using the headset for seven days.

Last, the sound quality it produced. The headphones produce a sharp and clear sound. Even at high volumes, the sound isn’t twisted once and this is new for me. Usually, with a bargain price range, you will somehow find the limit where the quality is bound but with this headphone, I couldn’t find one.

What I find unfortunate is that these headphones only have one color option. If you don’t fancy black/metal headphone to wear in public, well, you can’t do anything about it.

Overall, the Linpa World M1 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone is very suitable for me as young people who are looking for cool Bluetooth budget headphones which comes at an affordable price but without reducing the audio quality. I can see myself sticking with this headphone for now on.

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