4OurEars PS2000e: The New Best Flagship Headphone

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With the new flagship style, 4OurEars PS2000e will give anything that you need with your favorite music. It is the best headphone with a simple style and simple use. The speaker chassis is designed with the best material and the finest wire is used to get the optimal signal. You just need to close your eyes and use your ears to listen to the music like never before with 4OurEars PS2000e.


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4OurEars PS2000e comes with some best options for you based on your need. You can choose to have this awesome headphone with the XLR connector, add a Mahogany storage box or a large hardshell case. You can even add a stand with different stand material as you wish.

Technical Specifications

4OurEars PS2000e 2

4OurEars PS2000e has a dynamic transducer type with an open air of the operating principle. The frequency response is about 5 to 50 with 98 of SPL 1mW. The normal impedance is 32 ohms with 05 drivers matched db.

2 Years Developing

4OurEars PS2000e 3

It takes 2 years to develop 4OurEars PS2000e with its function and design. With the 64 years audio experiences from 4OurEars, this headphone turned out into an awesome headphone with a huge soundstage. You can hear the toes tapping, the pages turning, and even the breath of any singer.

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