PizzaDome Bundle: Your Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

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If you love to go on camping or spending a lot of time on the outside, the only thing that you need is just PizzaDome Bundle. It is an awesome outdoor wood-fired oven that you can use to make a pizza or flatbreads. You can even use the dome itself separately to have a traditional lid for faster cook times. Let’s check out other best things from this oven.


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PizzaDome Bundle has some best features. The touch silicone handle is a safe lid removal with an easy adjustment. If you want to make a pizza, just use the ceramic pizza stone, it will make the food cooked and crisp. The triangle base will help you to lifts the pizza stone of the fire.

Tech Specifications

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This wood-fired oven is completed with a BaseCampe with 13.25 inches for the diameter of BaseCamp cooktop. The weight of the BaseCamp is 17.92 lbs and 4.4 lbs for the PizzaDome. It takes 30 minutes of charging with a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. You need some solid biomass to use this oven, such as wood chunks, twigs, and firewood.


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PizzaDome Bundle is designed with a high-temperature plastic, cast iron, and stainless steel. The compatible devices that you can use with this oven are powers USB chargeable devices, like your smartphone.

PizzaDome with BaseCamp

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The BaseCamp lid is completed with the thermometer and the silicone handle. The flexible USB light will keep the device charging. You can have an easy portability with the bucket handle. The large surface of this oven allows you to make 8 burgers.

Inside the Tech

PizzaDome Bundle 5

PizzaDome Bundle is made with a BioLite technology for capturing the waste heat. That’s why the heat can be converted into a usable electricity with the thermoelectric generator. There is an internal fan to give an efficient burn in cooking.


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Another important thing from PizzaDome Bundle is the powerpack. The power pack is designed with the smart LED dashboard to monitor the power and fire. You can also change the flame at the flip on the switch with the grill-to-boil lever.

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