Aquaforno II: The Ultimate Stove in Outdoor Cooking

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All in one is the best thing from Aquaforno II. It is an ultimate stove in outdoor cooking that you can use as a BBQ grill, a pizza oven, smoker, fire pit and even clothes dryer. Aquaforno II is designed with collapsible style for your traveling so you can eat your favorite foods wherever you are. The new version of this stove will give you another best outdoor experience.

Portable and Multi-Fueled Stove

Aquaforno II 1

Aquaforno II can be called as the world’s most versatile outdoor cooking stove because of the functions. It is a portable and multi-fueled stove that you can use as an outdoor heater, rotisserie, water boiler, pizza oven, and more all in one with this product only.


What’s Included?

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Once you have Aquaforno II, you will get some awesome tiers. The first one is the Base for the sturdy legs with its easy adjustment. The removable grill can be used as a fire pit or a simple lightweight cooking grill. It is also very easy to clean it. The second tier is the Brazier.

The Brazier allows you to raise the grill when you want to cook over wood. You can use your frying pan or wok easily with the adjustable tabs on it. The third tier is the Oven Top. The space on this tier can be used as a space to cut meats. a Beer Can Chicken, or a casserole.


Carry Case

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You don’t have to worry about how to bring Aquaforno II when you are traveling. You will also get a Carry Case with a double bag system. This double bag system one with the other can be an adjustable backpack. It will protect your Aquaforno II too well.


Variety of Foods

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The best thing about Aquaforno II is you can cook some variety of foods as you wish. This product gives you a chance you cool almost anything with wood or charcoal. You can make pizzas, pies, grilled meat, roast dinners, baked potatoes, and much more.


Internal Water Boiler

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With Aquaforno II, you can have your own internal water boiler. You will have hot water on demand to enjoy some hot drinks. Aquaforno II can boil one liter of water in six to ten minutes. This keeps you warm in outdoor activities.


Warm Feeling

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It is a big bonus from Aquaforno II. This product will give you a warm feeling for any outdoor event with your friends and family. Aquaforno II provides a warmth, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere to bring all people together outdoors.



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Gas, charcoal, peat, and wood are the fuel for Aquaforno II. It is recommended to use air dried logs or kiln dried for a better use. It is also better to avoid some manufactured briquettes with additives because of the unpleasant odor.



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Aquaforno II will also come with some safety things for you, like gloves, a fireproof inner bag, and also a spark arrestor. Based on the safe design history, those safety things can help you a lot to avoid any injury that you may get when you use Aquaforno II.

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