Kaico Enamel Kettle: Japanese White Enamel Cookware

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Kaico Enamel Kettle is the Japanese white enamel cookware from Poketo. This kettle is so inherently warm and timeless for any rice type. The clean and its elegant design make the kettle has the best look for your kitchen. Kaico comes with white color and decorating with the wood elements to prevent the heat. Makoto Koizumi is the main Tokyo-based designer for this adorable kettle.



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Makoto Koizumi is designed the Kaico Enamel Kettle with white enamel coated steel and also a beechwood handle complete with the maple knob on the kettle lid. The advantage of using this kettle is clean and easy to use with the best durability, and other plenty advantages.



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Kaico Enamel Kettle is made from an enamel on steel with maple knob on lid and beech wood handle. The diameter is 6 inches with 49 fl oz, 4.5 inches in high and 8.75 inches in length including the spout. You can easily wash it with your own hand and it is made in Japan.


Care Instruction

Kaico Enamel Kettle 2

Make sure to not drop it or strike it against another surface or object in your home. Use the soft sponge when you wash it with your hand and dry it well with the kitchen towel. Try to not leave any soak or liquids for long periods inside the kettle. Just let it cool naturally and don’t pour any cold water when the kettle has an extreme heat after you use it.

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