Stagg EKG: The Best Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee

Stagg EKG 7

A coffee lover should have this awesome kettle. Stagg EKG is the best electric pour-over kettle for you who love yo enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. It is available in two types, Stagg EKG and Stagg EKG+. With the awesome minimalist design, Bluetooth app connectivity, and also variable temperature control, your coffee will be pour-over perfectly.

Main Features

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Stagg EKG is designed with Variable Temperature Control. You just need to turn the knob and choose the temperature as you wish. The range temperature is 135 degrees F to 212 degrees F. The LCD Screen on this kettle will show you the “Real Time Temperature” and “Set Temperature” complete with the heating progress.

Stagg EKG 2

The Hold Option on Stagg EKG will maintain the temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit for 60 minutes. When the toggle of this kettle is not in HOLD mode, it will go to sleep after reaching the temperature that you have been set. Stagg EKG also has Brew Stopwatch for timing the extraction after the water has heated.


More Features

Stagg EKG 3

Stagg EKG is small with a minimalist design, that’s why it is very easy to be used. The counterbalanced-handle and the precision pour spout are not different from your original stovetop kettle. Stagg EKG has the best capacity with Fahrenheit and Celcius option that you can choose.


Stagg EKG+

Stagg EKG 4

Stagg EKG 5

Stagg EKG and Stagg EKG+ are a little bit different. When you use Stagg EKG+, you will have an easy way to turn it on or off with the Acaia’s Brewbar Tablet App. This type also allows you to set your own goal temp with the Brewbar Tablet App. This app keeps your recipes off so you will know how to make the best pour-over coffee. With the real-time temp updates, you can see the current temperature via Brewbar Tablet App.


Technical Specifications

Stagg EKG 6

The plug type of Stagg EKG is Type-B for Canada and the U.S. The power is about 1200W, 120V~, 50/60Hz, 9A. This kettle has 304 stainless steel material for the lid and the body with a plastic base. The temperature range is about 135-212 F/57-100 C. You can use this kettle in 0.9L or 0.6L for the volume.

Stagg EKG 7

The cord length is 2.5 feet. Stagg EKG with 0.9L type has 11.5″x 6.75″x 8″ for the dimensions. The 0.6L type has 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.75″, a perfect dimension for you who need a smaller kettle. Stagg EKG has been completed with product certifications, they are FCC and ETL compliance.


Simple and Stylish

Stagg EKG 8

304 stainless steel material of Stagg EKG is already enough to make it looks stylish. This awesome kettle is also a simple kettle that you can use in a hurried morning. You don’t need to worry about your coffee taste with this kettle. It will make your morning coffee tastes great.

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