ActionSleeve Armband: Viewable and Controllable Strap for Apple Watch

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When you often use Apple Watch as your fitness and health device, then you should change the wrist with ActionSleeve Armband. It is a controllable and viewable strap for Apple Watch that you can use on your bicep or upper arm. With the outer frame, ActionSleeve Armband will give you the best protection from any dings and nicks. This strap will give you a new way to use Apple Watch maximally.

Every Athlete Solution

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Every athlete doesn’t have the same sizes and shapes. ActionSleeve Armband becomes the best solution for it. Cameron Massengale for example. He is an athlete with one hand and he feels more comfortable to use ActionSleeve Armband than holding his phone on his one hand.


Heart Rate Monitoring

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Heart rate monitoring will be easier when you use ActionSleeve Armband. With the outer frame, it has a good consistent skin contact too. This armband is available in two colors, red and black. It will give you a new feeling of using Apple Watch.


Simple Use

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Some of may not know about changing your Apple Watch band. Using three simple steps, ActionSleeve Armband is ready to use. First, remove your current band. Second, push your Apple Watch body to the ActionSleeve Armband’s frame. Third, strap it on then go.



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ActionSleeve Armband offers three different type of size that you can choose according to your size. The first one is available in 38 mm, it fits arms 10 inches to 15 inches. The second is 42 mm for 11 inches to 17 inches of arms. The last is 42 mm slim which is perfect for 9 inches to 13 inches arms.



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Using ActionSleeve Armband, you will never miss a heartbeat when you exercise. This armband can cold your Apple Watch securely and tightly on your upper arm. It makes sure that you will not have any trouble with the heart rate monitor with your Apple Watch.

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