Keego: The World’s First Squeezable Metal Bottle

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If you love to do all sports, then you should have Keego. Keego is the world’s first squeezable metal bottle. It is made from elastic metal which can be squeezed when you need to drink a water. This material is kind of perfect material with the optimum functionality for all types of sports. With the innovative technology, Keego becomes a compatible shape of a bottle ever.

All Sports

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Keego is made for all sports, including bicycling, running, and also skipping. When you ready to exercise, you just need to fill it with water and bring it with you. Squeeze the bottle and drink the water as soon as you feel thirsty.


Elastic Metal

Keego 2

Keego is designed with an elastic metal. That’s why this bottle is easy to be squeezed. Elastic metal is not only the best material in this bottle, the technology of this bottle design also makes it has an awesome compatible shape.


True Titanium

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With almost 100% true titanium on Keego, you can feel the true taste when you drink water from this bottle. It can make your drink keeps fresh and also keep up your body stays healthy when you do your favorite sports.


Healthy and Pure

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The titanium also keeps the liquid away from any contamination from softeners or plasticisers. It makes your drink pure and also healthy. Keego is a friendly bottle, not only for you but also the environment around you.


Long Lasting

Keego 5

Keego is not kind of a throw-away bottle that you usually know just like the regular sports bottle. With the high-end technology and materials, this bottle is not difficult to clean and it has the best durability than other bottles.



Keego 6

The metal material on Keego makes it so light just like a plastic bottle. This bottle has 140 g only in weight so it is very easy to bring it with you in any sports. Make sure you put it well on your bike when you ready to have some best journeys.


Easy to Use

Keego 7

Keego is surely easy to use. When other bottles need your both hands to open it, you just need to use one hand to squeeze Keego. With the high flow rate, this bottle is also possible for you to drink the water without a mouth contact.

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