Curve: An Elegant Aluminum Stand for Your MacBook

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When you have an attractive laptop like MacBook, you need to pair it with the best stand. Curve is an elegant aluminum stand for your MacBook with a stylish design. This stand is made of aluminum that can improve your works. Curve has an awesome functionality for your MacBook and it is also a stylish accessory for your workspace.

Matte Black Finish

Curve 2

Curve is designed with a modern style. With the beautiful matte black finish on it, this MacBook stand fits well with your things on the desk. The matte black finish also can improve its ergonomic design that makes an ultimate partnership of style in your workspace.


Dual-Screen Setup

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You just need to put your MacBook on Curve to make a comfortable desktop. Connect your MacBook to the external keyboard and mouse. You can also use the combo style with the external display to make a nice dual-screen setup.


Better Viewing Height

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Curve 1

Actually, it is not too good if you just use your MacBook without a stand. You don’t have a good viewing height. With Curve, you can have a perfect viewing height. It also prevents a neck and shoulders pain when you work.


Two Slender Arms

Curve 6

Curve 4

With the two slender arms, you can upgrade this aluminum stand for the greatest and latest MacBooks. Those arms allow you to have a maximum airflow. It also supports the today’s ultralight MacBooks and it lets you close and opens your MacBook easily.


Classic Design

Curve 10

Curve 5

Curve is made with the inspiration of classic design. It has smooth circular bends as the identity of classic elements just like Colosseum and Guggenheim in Rome. Curve still look amazing when it only has a matte black finish design on it.



Curve 7

Curve 9

Curve for your MacBook has a compact dimension which is easy to move from one workspace to another workspace. With 5.8 inches in height, 10.3 inches in width, 8.7 inches in depth, and 1.43 pounds in weight, this aluminum stand will not take your workspace too much.

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