iWorkCase V3 16: Finally it’s here, the MacBook Pro 16.

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For any creative person out there who needs a reliable workstation at all times, even on an outdoor stroll, iWorkCase has the solution. A 16-case MacBook Pro that mounts on its already reliable tools and transport systems. iWorkCase V3 16 is a MacBook Pro case and other accessories such as SSD, hard drive, USB Hub, backup battery.

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Specially crafted for the latest Apple MacBook Pro 16 “, the nature of the suitcase can bring the full range of technology equipment, good storage and both open and use, or become a darkroom for the image editing people to get the best color.

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The iWorkCase suitcase has a size of 48 x 35 x 13 cm. On the inside, it is accompanied by an inner buffer with many compartments and users can customize these compartments to hold devices and accessories to their best suit. For example, you can get a MacBook Pro, comes with an SSD, or convertible hubs.

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The iWorkCase V3 16 itself is waterproof, sturdy, and can be carried onboard. The most special thing is that at the bottom, it can be connected to a tripod to stand up (tripod purchased separately). This MacBook Pro carrying case can also be raised at an angle.

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The product maker boasted about the compatibility of its product and claims that the iWorkCase V3 16 can fits all unique sorts of hard drives including the Samsung SSD T5 slot. It is also Ideal for the HyperJuice batteries USB-C 100 1.5 150 and 1.5 222. Plus it can fit all regular card readers,  sorts all the cables and connectors neatly.

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In general, people who use iWorkCase V3 16 are the real pro and this is a rather remarkable accessory for those who need to do things flawlessly. It is designed for those who work in the field of photography and want to contain the technological equipment in the most sophisticated, tidy and highly protective manner. The iWorkCase V3 16 is marketed for € 599 (~ $ 651).


iWorkCase V3 16

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