V-Coptr Falcon: A new drone for a new decade

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Drones that are widely available in the market are of the quadcopter type where the flying relies on four rotors. V-Coptr Falcon took a whole different approach as it has the ability to fly is coming from a pair of rotors that stretch like bird wings.

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The developer behind the drone, Zero Zero Robotics took the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey fighter as its inspiration. While a quadcopter-type drone generally tilts its body forward to move forward, the V-Coptr Falcon only needs to tilt the two rotors.

There are several advantages of the design one of which is a more aerodynamic design, followed by a more efficient power consumption given the smaller number of drive systems. In a single charge, V-Coptr Falcon is claimed to be able to air up to 50 minutes nonstop, almost twice as long as the majority of other drones in the market.

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While on the air, the V-Coptr Falcon can detect and avoid obstructing objects by itself thanks to a pair of front cameras and a Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) system. The Autofollow feature also allows it to fly following the selected object accurately. The signal transmission can reach distances of 7 kilometers.

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Photographic capabilities are supported by a camera with a 1 / 2.3-inch sensor made by Sony and an f / 2.2 lens that sits on a 3-axis gimbal. In addition to taking 12-megapixel photos, the camera is also capable to record 4K 30 fps video, 2.7K 60 fps or 1080p 120 fps. The catch is automatically stored in 8 GB of internal storage, but users can also add microSD up to a capacity of 256 GB.

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Aside from being flown manually using a remote control, the V-Coptr Falcon, which is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, also offers a number of semi-automatic modes to produce recordings with various cinematic effects.

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The V-Coptr Falcon which is marking its debut at the CES 2020 and is planned to be marketed in February. The price tag of the world’s first V-shaped bi-copter is $ 999.


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