Cruise Origin: Self-Driven. All-Electric. Shared.

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A subsidiary company of General Motors, Cruise Automation recently presented a car with a fully autonomous system called Cruise Origin. While sketching and building the car, Cruise Automation was assisted by Honda manufacturer.

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The company itself did not mention in detail of the specifications on the Cruise Origin. But the company did confirm that the autonomous vehicle they are making was using a platform from General Motors’ electric vehicles.

The All-New Origin Autonomous Cruise exhibition was a success. The autonomous vehicle is considered as the future of transportation and is a Level 4 autonomous electric vehicle with a concept similar to the Volkswagen Sedric that was presented not long ago.

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The carmaker claims that Origin could change the way people mobilized. However, they did not explain specifically the advantages of this vehicle and its concept.

Origin became a vehicle made to reduce congestion and pollution. Since Origin is similar to public transportation that can accommodate quite a number of passengers, this autonomous vehicle is also powered by electricity so it will not produce any emissions.

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Created as an autonomous vehicle, Cruise Origin features a revolutionary interior. Thus, it will eliminate the steering wheel, pedals, and instrument cluster. Perhaps because this vehicle will move by itself, these components are considered unnecessary.

The autonomous concept that was built also allows designers to create a wider interior. Later there will be two rows of seats facing each other so that the cabin can be more spacious, more like the lounge where the legroom of each passenger is quite big.

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Safety is an important thing to think considering that the Cruise Origin is an autonomous vehicle without a driver. Thus the company packed the Origin with a layered sensor circuit designed to track as many people and objects.

The sensor needs to work flawlessly in any dark conditions or bad weather so that passengers’ safety can be guaranteed. Even Cruise claims that if an error occurs, the passenger will remain safe. In its role as the shuttle, the Origin has endurance capability that can go on endlessly up to 1.6 million km.

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Cruise has not released any information on whether their autonomous vehicle will be used publicly or about the travel fare that must be issued because they reportedly still need permission from the US regulators to operate vehicles without human control.


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