MV Agusta Rush 1000: Beast Mode!

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MV Agusta has just announced the launch of its newest hyper naked motorbike, Rush 1000. The motorbike is based on the Brutale 1000RR and is planned to be premiered next June 2020 in Japan. Rush 1000 has a fierce display a la racing motor drag racing which is equipped with the most sophisticated components to achieve maximum speed.

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The MV Agusta Rush 1000 is the only mass-production motor that uses radial valves and titanium handlebar piston seals. These components let the bike capable to spit out an output of 208 horsepower. Combined with a racing exhaust plus the latest output ECU, Rush 1000 is capable to reach 212 horsepower.

The hyper naked motor is predicted to make a breakthrough by bringing a high level of performance, handling, and safety. The design of the Rush 1000 headlamps is inspired by RVS # 1 and features a sophisticated technology. The full LED headlamps are designed to increase safety and increase driving pleasure.

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The headlamps are also equipped with a cornering function that can make the headlights follow the direction of the motor when cornering. The bracket and shell are made of lightweight materials by the CNC process. As a result, the design and functionality are flawless with the back cover of the lamp is made of carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber is also used on the back seat cover with a minimalist design and also the rear side panels. Besides, the motor tank cap is made of aluminum.

The main feature of the Rush 1000 that attracts attention is the use of the rear wheels in a closed model inspired by drag racing. The alloy wheel is made of aluminum forging process and covered with a carbon fiber cover designed to optimize the aerodynamic system.

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The MV Augusta Rush 1000 components are specifically designed for the bike, such as the tail, seat and rear lights and exhaust. The muffler is hand made from titanium and has a carbon fiber coated heat shield. The mapping of the control unit is now focused on the exhaust linearly so that it can produce extraordinary power.

The Rush 1000 takes on the technology and dynamics of the Brutale 1000RR. The bike has an inline 4 cylinder engine equipped with MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) which has eight injectors (4 lower fuel injectors from Mikuni and 4 upper fuel injectors from Magneti Marelli with increased fuel flow).

The motorbike has an Eldor EM2.0 engine control unit with a full ride-by-wire throttle body made by Mikuni. There is also a pencil-coil with ion sensor technology, detonation control, and misfire.

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The MV Augusta Rush 1000 is also equipped with four engine management Sport, Race, Rain and Custom, traction control with eight levels of control and wheelie control with an inertia platform. Besides, the motorbike also adopts MV EAS 2.1 (Electronically Assisted Shift Up & Down) so that the transmission system is easier and produces responsive speeds.

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The technical features of this inline 4-cylinder engine include the latest crankshaft and the redesigned lightweight piston. The Rush 1000 also has a combustion chamber that has gone through a process of repair and has a radial valve adopted from F1 technology.

Besides, this motorbike also carries the middle chain which has become the hallmark of the MV Agusta motorbike and can reduce the effect of turning on the Noken at high speed.

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The MV Augusta Rush 1000 also presents special features that make this motorbike even more special. Its rider can connect your smartphone through the MV Ride application. The application lets you try new things such as planning, recording and sharing your trip with Rush 1000.

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The rider can manage its own work electricity Rush 1000 through the app. If they want to share their best driving experience, they only need to click on the MV Ride application. The apps also offer mirroring functions via Bluetooth which allows you to access navigation functions such as the speedometer. In Japan, the MV Augusta is reportedly priced at 4,510,000 Yen.


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