BookArc möd: The Best Luxury Hardwood Stand for MacBook

BookArc Möd 7

BookArc möd is designed for your MacBook. It is the best and luxury crafted hardwood stand with the combination of technology and furniture design. BookArc möd is inspired by the workspace that every MacBook owners have. They need not only a tidy desk but also a clean workspace. Using BookArc möd, you will not only have the best hardwood stand but also a stylish stand for decorating your desk.

Specs and Compatibility

BookArc Möd 1

BookArc möd has a compatible dimension for your workspace, especially your desk. It has 3 inches in weight, 5 inches in width, 10.5 inches in depth, and also only 0.5 pounds in weight. With this kind of dimension, you even can put it between your desk stuff nicely.

BookArc Möd 2

BookArc möd has an awesome compatibility design for you. You can use this hardwood stand to put some of MacBook types. It can be used for your 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3, MacBook Air, and also MacBook Pro with Retina display.


Luxury Wood Stand

BookArc Möd 7

BookArc Möd 3

BookArc möd is a luxury wood stand for your amazing mobile computers, MacBook. You can use this stand with your MacBook just like a desktop, especially when you are not at home. It becomes a desktop luxury once you connect it with keyboard + mouse and widescreen external monitor.



BookArc Möd 4

BookArc Möd 5

The inspiration of BookArc möd design comes from a mid-century modern classic of Cherner Armchair and Eames Lounge Chair. With the best hardwood material and elegant looks, it fits almost any studio or room of your workspace.



BookArc Möd 6

Your MacBook is already stylish but BookArc möd will make it more stylish. The hardwood material of this wood stand makes it perfect to be combined with your desk stuff like monitor and keyboard. It also doesn’t need a large space to put it on your desk. It is easy and simple.



Closed Clamshell Mode

BookArc Möd 8

If you use the Closed Clamshell mode, you can have your own external display. You just need to connect your monitor to your MacBook, then close your MacBook. Now you will have a more spacious workspace, especially on your desk.

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