Stages Indoor Cycling: Virtual Bikes Ready for Any Cardio Floor

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Cycling through various places is a pleasant experience. However, modern life busyness continues to drag us down to have the proper time to go to exciting places. Cycling Stages can be a solution for those of you who don’t have much free time to exercise or bike.

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Cycling can now be done at home so you don’t need to face a hot and dirty dust condition because there are already indoor bikes from Cycling Stages. This bike can be used in the studio or on the gym floor without reducing the pleasant sensations you get from cycling outdoors.

Indoor bicycles or virtual bikes can be placed at metric-based training grounds to meet cinematic quality entertainment. Accompanied by existing screens, the Stage Indoor Cycling able to provide direct and measurable data that can be adjusted individually for each person.

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The fitness experience will get more interesting on this virtual bike. You can enjoy exciting cinematic cycle classes played on the 15 ”HD touch screen console. The bikes from Stages Indoor Cycling provide direct and accurate metrics when you ride it. In addition, there is Bluetooth TM connectivity that allows you to easily install a heart rate monitor.

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There are three interesting parts of this virtual bike, which are the RPM or 30-45 minute indoor cycling class that can be arranged with motivating music. Second, fewer mills print which is a high-intensity interval training, 30 minutes class to achieve faster results. The third one, a 40-minute multi-peak cycling exercise with a trip across a digitally created world.

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Stages Solo is designed for riders who want an exciting cycling experience from the studio, but in a personalized environment as they wish so their motivation can get higher and higher.

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Stages power designs the main power gauges used by the world’s most elite cyclists. The same technology is applied to classes in the studio that allow anyone to access it. In addition, many variations of classes are offered by utilizing advanced technology on this indoor bicycle.

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All of the bikes from Stages Indoor Cycling will utilize Stages Flight which is a web-based data analysis tool that is displayed with a large screen, integrated spot booking and smartphone application.

Its functions include dynamic FTP testing, special intensity rides, GPS rides, and competition modes. Video and instructor integration will provide the best experience as a true power-based indoor cycling solution comes alive.

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The Stages Indoor Cycling will also provide educational training for those trainers who want to enroll in the class to create a more enjoyable indoor cycling experience.

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