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Nobody can deny that watches have become a necessity in fashion. Not only does the timepiece is useful for showing us time, but it also completes the style. That is why a lot of watchmakers are then opted to design a watch that got a unique yet stunning appearance to complement your fashion. One of those is Regulus SS watches which have a beautiful and charming design.

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This watch is forged from stainless steel and with its various advantages, Regulus SS becomes the best-selling watch in its class. SS or Stainless Steel combines op tactical and streetwear flash very well. There are three available colors of this where to cap it off the watchmaker put on product serial number on the back.

Regulus SS has a weight of 8 ounces so it feels just right to carry around because it’s quite light. The case diameter of Regulus SS is 48mm. Then for the type of dial window material, Regulus is utilizing mineral while the type of display is digital and the clasp is double-locking with micro adjust clasp.

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In addition, these timepieces are not only useful to show us the time, but also the date by embedding a full auto-calendar (to the year 2099). The clock movement is also supported by Japanese Quartz, which has been a no-doubt component on the market.

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The warm reception of the market toward this best-selling watches certainly can not be separated from the various features it has. From the design to the features, Regulus SS has everything you need to maximize your appearance.

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One quick glance and you can see a stainless steel watch and link bracelet 3 which is tapered in three colors to give a formal impression but still looks easy going on the outside.

The Regulus SS is specifically designed to withstand any terrain or conditions with shock-absorbing materials, 5-year batteries and water-resistant cases and pusher so that you can go even deeper when you are swimming.

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In order to maximize its performance, Regulus SS also has a special feature in the form of a tracker with two tasks at once, namely a dual timer with silent mode and LED backlight that can be adjusted according to your needs.

Special digital LCD modules wrapped in protective PU jackets and Poron foam pads. The addition of these materials let Regulus SS be able to reduce vibrations or movements so it is your watch can even absorb the impact of falling.

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The Regulus SS is designed with a material that is resistant to water, where the wearer can even take the watch on 100 meters dive. Interesting right? For those who are already smitten by the features of Regulus SS, you gotta spend $ 250.00 to take this astonishing watch home.



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