Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro: Underwater Treadmill Aqua Training Get Lot Easier

Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro 6

If you have a lot of spare money and a passion for optimal fitness, consider buying Water Walker, aqua treadmill by Water Walker & Spa. Supported by a number of technologies, the futuristic product can functions as a treadmill and spa at the same time.

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Although the Water Walker costs about the same as a high-end sports car which is around $ 89,000 or more, this product will give the perfect a major cardio routine without putting pressure on your joints and muscles. Plus, who wants to miss the opportunity of owning their own private hydrotherapy spa?

Water Walker is called a resistance builder, it creates a water-based training experience, which usually is a must for professional athletes. Water Walkers can also be useful for injury recovery.

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As explained in the video demonstration, running in water reduces the impact shock on the joints and affects quality without weight, making a person’s actual weight feel 80 percent lighter. Running in the water allows muscles to strengthen without having to deal with the full impact of running on the ground, concrete or even synthetic lines.

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By drastically reducing the pressure of gravity, the Water Walker creates something from a weightless atmosphere. In turn, this aqua treadmill allows you to build strength and get proper cardio training without having to exhaust your body excessively.

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Because water is denser than air, there is also an increased level of resistance, which means you are still burning a lot of calories. In fact, you might burn more calories on a Water Walker than running on land.

Whether you suffer from severe conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia or just want to improve your fitness routine, Water Walker is the right product to fulfill it all.

Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro 2

When the technology becomes more common later, you might see the water treadmill or something like this appear at a nearby health clinic in the future. Since it is early to be used in common practice, the price of any aqua treadmill is still quite hefty.

Like many other early inventions, for now, the Water Walker will only be available for the wealthy categories who loves special fitness product long before it is available for others.

Water Walker & Spa Steed Pro 6

  • Main Unit Dimensions:  L2383×W1200×H1801
  • Main Unit Weight: 300㎏
  • Main Unit’s Water Level: 1,150mm
  • Maximum Speed: max. 11.0 km/h
  • Fill Time: 4 min. (maximum level)
  • Maximum Piping Distance: 10 m from the body to the tank
  • Electrical Capacity: Single phase AC 200V~240V 0.4kW 50/60Hz
  • Operation Method: Touch panel tablet (Android)

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