Boosted Mini: A Smaller Package for the Best Boosted Experience

Boosted Mini 10

Introducing, the best boosted ever in a smaller package called Boosted Mini. With 29.5 inches long only, this mini skateboard fits well under your desks and easy to carry on trains or buses. Boosted Mini is made for you who often move. With the best design, this skateboard will give you a different experience of the board’s compact profile.


Boosted Mini 9

The new custom-designed composite deck offers a stable and wide standing platform. It also features a Deep Dish concave shape for the best control. The design of kicktail is also allowing a quick pivoting to let you “float” over the road.



Boosted Mini 10

You can reach up to 14 miles with the range battery or up to 7 miles for friendly travel. The top speed of this mini skateboard is about 18 mph and 20 mph. You can also climb the steepest hills without breaking any sweat. Boosted Mini has 3 ride modes with Boosted Lunar 80 mm for a smooth roll.

Boosted Mini 7

The deck is designed with Deep Dish to keep you locked in. The braking is reliable and also regenerative, you can come to a smooth stop at any speed as you want. You can control this skateboard with the ergonomic and Bluetooth connection.



Boosted Mini 6

Boosted Mini comes with a new compact size. It is small and also mighty. It has short board length and also compact kicktail. It is a perfect skateboard as your shorter commutes and even quick errands. This small electric skateboard will give you everything that you need.



Boosted Mini 5

The deck of Boosted Mini is designed with new construction and also new standard. It is made from polymer sidewalls and triaxial fiberglass. The protective tail puck will give you a protection from drag and also abrasion.



Boosted Mini 4

The ergonomic remote on Boosted Mini can give you an incredible experience which is simple and also reliable. Each of ride mode is designed with Jerk Filter™, it provides a careful taper when you are braking or accelerating.



Boosted Mini 3

With its smaller size, Boosted Mini has an awesome power and performance of same boosted ride. It has boosted belt drive system for the best power. The performance is safe with the secure braking. The 3 ride modes will give you an easy option for riding it.



Boosted Mini 2

The hardware of Boosted Mini is completed with the best hardware details only. It is designed with stronger trucks and also custom boosted wheels. The refined control also helps you to control your journey on every road.



Boosted Mini 1

The drivetrain around the CNC precision machined trucks are built with the higher grade aluminum. With the updated design, it also adds materials in the high-stress areas. The result makes this mini skateboard has an awesome strength once you have it.



Boosted Mini 11

The boosted lunar 80 mm wheels is a custom-designed for a purpose-built for the electric skateboards. It offers faster and smoother than other skateboards. The design of these wheels can provide the best grip riders need for the most.

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