LucidCam: An Easy Capture in 3D VR180 Everywhere

LucidCam 4

Now, you can easily capture the world with LucidCam in 3D VR180. This awesome product is designed with a size of your smartphone. It will be the most portable and mountable solution ever for VR 3D and AR content. With LucidCam, you can capture every precious moment of your family and friends with the best quality result of pictures and videos.


LucidCam 1

LucidCam allows you to capture all things that you need. You will have a field of angle view without being limited bay the framed images. This awesome product can be used to record your memories in 3D. LucidCam offers 180 degrees of angle for you to see the whole things clearly.



LucidCam 6

With the Lucid VR App, you can check out all of VR180 contents with your own phone. You can enjoy the true quality of capture result in AR and also 3D VR. Just connect LucidCam with Wi-Fi remotely. You can save, share, and capture anything with your smartphone.



LucidCam 2

LucidCam has 225 gram in weight with 131mm x 67.3mm x 25mm in size. It offers 1.5 hours of battery life with video and picture in 4K, 3K, and 2K. You can use it with Wi-Fi and keep all of your moments in the 32 internal storage.

LucidCam 3

The stereo audio is complete with the FOV 180 x 180 degrees. LucidCam is also designed with the microSD slot, micro USB, and mini HDMI port. The fixed F/2.2 aperture will give you an awesome result capture with the best light.


In the Box

LucidCam 4

Once you have LucidCam, you will get three things that can help you to use it. It includes a micro USB charging cable, microfiber carrying bag, and also quickstart manual. You can bring it everywhere by putting it inside the bag.

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