GE Appliances Comfort: A New Easy Way to Control and Monitor Your Air Conditioners

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Keeping your home cool has never been easy this way with GE Appliance Comfort. It is an app that can help you to make your home feels cool no matter where you are. It allows you to control and also monitor the connected window air conditioners. If you set the unit on, you can set a schedule to keep your home cool with GE Appliances Comfort.


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This awesome app allows you to do some best things with your home air conditioners. You will be able to create a cooling schedule as you wish. You can also control and monitor it easily. With one app only, you can control multiple air conditioners in your home. It will also give you a reminder to clean the filter.



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GE Appliances Comfort is perfect to be used together with the GE Appliances window air conditioners. Here are two awesome WiFi-enabled room air conditioners from Lowe’s and The Home Depot that you can choose for your home.

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Both of these window air conditioners from GE Appliances are designed to fit your home traditional-style windows. They come with EZ-mount installation and Wi-Fi enabled too. You can compare them first before you choose based on your need.


How It Works

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The first step is you need to download the GE Appliances Comfort app on your smartphone.

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Then use the app to connect the Wi-Fi to your room air conditioner at home.

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Once you already connected the app with the air conditioners, you can use it to turn down the air conditioners when you leave your home. The app is available on iTunes and also Google Play with an easy connection process.



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The scheduling function of GE Appliances Comfort only works when you turn on the unit. You can use the time or the temperature inputs to control the air conditioners when you want them to run. It will keep your home interior cool easily.

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