3DMP: The Best Three-Dimensional Mental Printing System Ever

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3DMP is 3D printer machine from Felix Monza with the best engineering ever. This three-dimensional mental printing system is designed with the GTarc-series and combined with the arc welding sophisticated process. The engineers CAD-model is also used to complete the new production. The target of 3DMP is about giving an easy implementation of the process production and simple operability.


3DMP 1

The integration of milling unit offers a quick finishing of the production process and combined with SIEMENS. SIEMENS develops the control unit for the machines to give an easy handling with the well-known system inside this printer.



3DMP 4

3DMP comes with 4.000 mm in length, 4.000 mm in width, and also 4.000 mm in height, a cube size. It is made from two main materials, steel, and aluminum. The color is only available in one cool color, a light grey anthracite.


Technical Details

3DMP 3

The production process of 3DMP can be monitored through a camera. The machine is located at the ground level with a sliding working table for your easy loading and unloading. It is also designed with a soundproof housing.

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3DMP also has an actively cooled base plate with a user-friendly control unit. The integrated case ventilation is combined with the welding fume extraction. This awesome 3D printing system is also designed with the high-end components only of the well-known manufactures.



3DMP 6

You can prepare some of the optional equipment based on your need while using 3DMP. If you need to track the temperature, just use the integrated Sensortherm pyrometer. You can also add a GTarc cooling system for the local cooling using a cooling gas.

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