SoundLink Revolve+: The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Flexible Handle

SoundLink Revolve 2

SoundLink Revolve+ is true 360 degrees Bluetooth speaker for loud, deep, and also immersive sound. The technology of this awesome speaker can give the same experience for all people that stand around it. The flexible hand allows you to go everywhere. Once you use SoundLink Revolve+, you will have your own favorite concert at home.


SoundLink Revolve 1

SoundLink Revolve+ is designed with a compact size and awesome technology. It has dual-passive radiators to deliver a high-quality of sound. The transducer offers a full-range of 360 degrees sound. It also has an omnidirectional acoustic deflector to spread the sound without a single dead zone.


Water Resistant

SoundLink Revolve 2

You can even sing and listen to your favorite song with SoundLink Revolve+ in the rain. This Bluetooth speaker is designed with a water-resistant design for you. It also means you can put it anywhere without worrying about getting wet.



SoundLink Revolve 3

You don’t have to worry about leaving your phone behind. You just need to press then hold the multi-function button to use the voice input for Google Now™ and Siri from this speaker. It allows you to make a romantic dinner reservation of text a message easily.



SoundLink Revolve 4

With the optional charging cradle. you can charge this Bluetooth speaker easily and ready. The base design is convenient for your home and you can still play any music when it charges. Just plug the wall charger with the speakers into the cradle of the speaker.



SoundLink Revolve 5

The flexible handle makes SoundLink Revolve+ is very easy to move and carry. The material that this speaker has is soft and also smooth. It will ensure that your interaction with it feels natural and great in every move.



SoundLink Revolve 6

You don’t have to worry when you knock SoundLink Revolve+ over. The materials that this speaker has made it stronger than it seems. It will give you bump worry-free when it falls. The durability design is surely the best on its level.



SoundLink Revolve 7

Bose offers two version of Bluetooth speakers, SoundLink Revolve+ and SoundLink Revolve. Both of them are similar but you can choose which one is perfect for you. All of them can give you the same result of sound, longer and louder.



SoundLink Revolve 8

SoundLink Revolve+ is also built the Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa. You play any music easier with the voice access, especially for streaming any music full from Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Tuneln.



SoundLink Revolve 10

Use the Bose Connect app for your easy access using SoundLink Revolve+. You can personalize your own settings and unlock some product features. It is even very easy to manage speaker’s Bluetooth connections only with a single swipe.



SoundLink Revolve 11

SoundLink Revolve+ offers a beautiful design of a Bluetooth speaker. So this speaker is not only designed with the best technology and materials but also built with a design that fits your home interior. It will leave any bad sound but beauty only.

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