Buoq Axis: Versatile Headphones That Turn Into Speakers!

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With the market that keep evolving, there will always be music products that are newer, more sophisticated and more expensive. That’s why it’s really wise if you are a music lover, you need to set your budget limits, and choose products with the most complete features and functions.

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And, one alternative is the product created by a company called Buoq. Making their debut through Kickstarter, the inventor team from Barcelona introduced the Buoq Axis, the world’s first Hi-Fi wireless headphones that can be turned into portable speakers whenever you want.

The Buoq Axis can easily transform from a headset to a speaker and vice versa thanks to the application of unique structures behind the product. The company believes that the patented technolgy will start to revolutionize how people enjoy and share their music.

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In its normal mode, Buoq Axis looks like a normal headphone. It has two speaker housings, connected by an adjustable headband. The on-ear earcups carry the NIF Tech cushion types which are soft, safe on the skin, have good air circulation, are waterproof and stain. Similar padding is also applied on the underside of the headband.

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After connecting to a music player via Bluetooth 5.0, you can access some Buoq Axis functions via the button that hides on the round aluminum plate on the outside: press once to play/pause, twice to play the next song or press for one second to back off. Near the plate, there is an equalizer switch button. With it, you can accentuate vocals, bass or choose balanced presets instantly.

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When you want to share the music, all you have to do is rotate the housing/earcup 180 degrees outwards and the Buoq Axis immediately turns into a speaker.

You can just put it anywhere, or alternatively, put a Buoq Axis around your neck. This method is suitable if you want to listen to music while riding on a bicycle without compromising on your surroundings.

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At the heart of Buoq Axis capabilities is a pair of ‘high-quality’ 40-millimeter drivers that are assisted by an integrated micro amplifier unit. The combination of these allows the device to produce loud, audible sounds up to a 15-meter radius.

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Buoq Axis is equipped with an internal battery that lasts long enough to be able to serve 18 hours of non-stop music in headphone mode or 11 hours in speaker mode. Interestingly, Buoq Axis is not only supported by wireless connections.

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The Audio can also be sent via a 3.5-millimeter cable, whether you want to use the device as a headset or as a speaker. In addition, the earcup section is magnetically mounted to the housing, and you can replace it with other colors that Buoq has provided.

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If you are interested in having one, you can order Buoq Axis on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The products are marketed starting from €79 and will be distributed to all the backers soon. The purchase bundle includes charger cable, 3.5mm Aux-in cable and waterproof travel pouch.


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