Toybox: A Freedom to be Creative with the Push of A Button

Toybox 8

Just one touch only, you can create and also print your own 3D toys with Toybox. This product is very easy to use with more than 500 catalogs of a toy. You can print in a rapid time too. Toybox will be easy to be used by your ages 5 and up with a high-quality resolution.


Toybox 8

Toybox 7

Some toys like games and blocks can be played in a fun way with endless possibilities of printing. The technology on this product offers precision details that can bring your toys to life in an easy and also faster way.



Toybox 6

Toybox 5

Toybox is fun for all ages. With its ever-expanding toy catalog and one-touch technology, this toy is fun to be played with your family. You can design your own toys together and also upload your design ideas for more possibilities.



Toybox 4

Toybox 1

It is an awesome product without any hassle and mess. Toybox is made from parent and kid-friendly materials, so it is safe to be used by your kids. You can put it on your desk and start to print without any mess.



Toybox 2

You just need to browse any designs then select one of them and print. It will be fun too if you can upload your own design of toys and bring them to life. All of your creations will be stored in the cloud and easy to be accessed.


What’s in the Box

Toybox 3

Here are some things that you will get from Toybox: Toybox 3D printer, 240 feet of printer food, spool holder, peelable bed, and also charger. All of them are very easy to be used. With the open system, you can have endless possibilities to be creative.

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