Vagabund V13 Honda NX650 “Dominator” 1991: Far From Cliché, Closer with The Tech

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 12

Engineering and technology in building or modifying motorcycles continue to develop. Generally, the repair shop does it by welding, forging, or by casting the components themselves. However, there is also a new technology that can be relied on, 3D Printing.

The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer Vagabund Moto builds its tailor-made motorcycle from the V13 model to the NX 650 Dominator 1991 from Honda. 3D printing technologies offer the company the greatest possible freedom of design, as the company describes in its product presentation.

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The Vagabund V13 Honda NX650 “Dominator” 1991 was worked on for two years. Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl are the two heads – and screwdrivers – that hide behind the majestic shape of the Vagabund V13.

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The result is a minimalist motorcycle with high functionality. 3D technologies indeed offer endless possibilities for creating custom parts, which is perfectly suited to the customization market and allows us to create unique motorcycles.

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The reason Vagabund Moto picked 3D printing is that the company wants to create a motorbike with a minimalist look, but needs the product to fully functions and capable of bulldozing offroad terrains.


Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 2

The material that is being used in the process is Nylon PA12, which is claimed to have exceptional resistance to the 3D printing material. The components that are the result of 3D printing can be seen in the gas tank, the stern, and the cover for the air filter.

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 1

In addition to the 3D-printed vehicle components, there is a stainless steel distributor with tailor-made two-in-one collectors and a modified Akrapovic exhaust.

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 3

There is a Husqvarna TC85 fender in the front. There is a magnetic luggage rack above. There is a tailor-made Alcantara seat on the rear frame. The powder-coated wheels are equipped with rustproof spokes.

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 6

The cockpit is also new and equipped with a specially designed upper bracket, handlebars, and new controls and levers. The electrical system is connected to a new wiring harness that ends in a Kellermann rotating and brake light combination.

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 4

In terms of performance, the changes that have been made are arguably not much. The 644 single cylinders of the Dominator got a 2-in-1 exhaust system with a modified Akrapovic silencer made of stainless steel, the oil cooler comes from the German brand Off The Road.

Vagabund V13 Honda Nx650 Dominator 1991 7

If your desires have now been aroused: The Vagabund V13 has already been sold but modifications based on a similar principle should follow very soon.

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