BMW NineT Racer by JVB Moto – The Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

Bmw Ninet Racer By Jvb Moto 6

The German parts maker has turned their attention to the Racer and figured out how to make it more agreeable and surprisingly better looking. Devour your watering eyes on this, the most recent creation codenamed ‘Two’.

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It’s been initiated the ‘Two’ as it’s the second RnineT Jens Vom Brauck and his group have modified. Jens is dependably vigilant for more ventures and when he saw the new Racer he began to look all starry eyed at immediately.

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Jens chooses to shape a few sections to endeavor in order to modify the riding position. However, while he was there, there were additionally some corrective changes to be made; I liked the NineT Racer as soon as I saw it,’ he clarifies, ‘I just wanted it to look more clean, minimalist and aggressive’.


Rationale Modifications

Bmw Ninet Racer By Jvb Moto 3

To begin with, in line to cop the JVB treatment was an arrangement of carbon fiber wheel covers. While there’s a wide range of method of reasoning for such an alteration, in this case, it’s entirely cosmetic.

Bmw Ninet Racer By Jvb Moto 2

The cover helps keep the bike looking simplified and give it a strong, grounded appearance. Or more the front wheel sits the first of a large group of new JVB-Moto parts, a clean minimal new front bumper.


The Classic Modern Number “Two”

Bmw Ninet Racer By Jvb Moto 1

The ‘Two’ has a front LED light, new handlebars and top triple tree by LSL and tiny little LED indicators at the front and rear, while the engine benefits from a booming Arrow exhaust system.

Bmw Ninet Racer By Jvb Moto 6

The touch in adding airbox cover which is more rakish and better matches the lines of the standard BMW fairing and their new seat is the what tops off an already classic modern motorbike.

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