The Type 11 Concept by Auto Fabrica: The Most Progressive and Captivating Motorcycles to date.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 9

Yamaha is always quick to feature in the custom building capability of its XSR900 bistro racer, supporting a progression of “yard assembled” traditions that take it in various distinctive ways.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 3

This particular one was so great that it truly grab the eye of the public before it is propelling it formally. UK custom house Auto Fabrica set up together a retro-advanced bistro racer calling it the Type 11.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 8

This specific arrangement highlights three unique bicycles, the Prototype 1, Prototype 2, and Prototype 3, all made for Yamaha’s Yard Built task, with the Prototype 1 being the most radical rendition and the most astonishing concept.

Prototype Three

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 10

This model based on the setup plan dialect and manufacture ethos of its Auto Fabrica ancestors; flawlessly etched, natural and negligible, hand produced using aluminum and based on the structure and mechanicals of an exemplary bike.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 9

Every detail was understood and considered, boundaries in manufacturing techniques, materials and finishes were pushed; from the engineered and 3D printed velocity stacks through to the signature hand bent exhausts.


Prototype One

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 7

Inspired by the pure concept and receiving styling conceived out of capacity seen in car and racing bike, the Prototype One was ceaselessly created and developed all through the plan and manufacture process.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 6

Being race and track centered, the Prototype One is stripped back and crude, from having the most noteworthy performing parts by the main fabricates in the business and performance-driven details like the instant fuelling system, lightweight hand laid carbon fiber race seat unit and carbon fiber and nylon 3D printed components

Prototype Two

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 5

The Prototype Three really came into play at this point, informing the additional road going styling and using a similar color palette and material choices; the Prototype Two became a beautiful combination of all the conceptual ideas.

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 4

The front light turned into a character highlight, featuring and upgrading the traditionally motivated frame dialect in this radical and dynamic design.

The Rad Style

The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 2 The Type 11 Concept By Auto Fabrica 1

Boundless choices accessible on shading, material and particulars specification. Auto Fabrica has broad involvement in the field and the in-house group that will work with every customer to create and culminate the complete design to suit the style and accumulation that you need.

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