Deus SR500 Milano Street Tracker: one of the nicest tracker in the custom market

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 5

Two-wheeled vehicles have dependably accumulated notoriety for heedlessness, however for some, the thrilling sentiment of coasting through a city’s tight corners merits the majority of the potential hard work. With regards to the customized motorcycle, Deus Ex Machina does it best.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 7

This time the group at Deus Milano received Yamaha SR500 and to begin everything, they put the fault for this undertaking unequivocally on Marco Belli’s shoulders and finished the Deus SR500 Milano Street Racer in no time.

Marco’s an exceptionally finished level track racer, that runs the Di Traverso level track school in Italy. At the point when a Deus staff member—additionally named Marco—took the Di Traverso course, he quickly needed a road tracker for urban use.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 5

Thus this was assembled—a Yamaha SR500 with level track slashes and a lot of road style. With a quintessential level track tail, smooth paint employment and one of the most delightful tracker seats out there, it beyond any doubt is lovely. In any case, Deus has offered it various utilitarian redesigns as well.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 4

An SR 500 was gained, adjusted, and retrofitted with various road faring parts, including a Discacciati braking mechanism and Keihin FCR carburetor.

To round out the street bike, a moderate shrouded custom electrical work, and an attractive adjusted back subframe give all the tasteful signals of a modernized track racer.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 3

The swing arm’s been moved up to an aluminum unit from SDG, associated with a couple of Öhlins stuns. The edges are 19″ Excels, enclosed by level track elastic. Deus has additionally introduced a new piston, cylinder, and of course, modified the head work.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 8

CNC-machined foot pegs, new handlebars (with inner wiring), a ‘fast reaction’ throttle and bar-end turn motions round out the control bundle. The fumes are from SC Project, and the exemplary motocross front lamp coming from UFO.

Deus Sr500 Milano Street Tracker 1

Details Modification:
  • Modified rear subframe, goffrey black paint
  • SDG Aluminum rear swing arm
  • Ohlins rear shock absorber
  • Discacciati CNC wheels plates
  • 19′ Rims and flat track tires
  • Discacciati brake system
  • “Flat Bar” handlebar
  • Custom CNC footpegs
  • Flushed cylinder head and JE-HC piston
  • Keihin FCR carburetor
  • Sc Project exhaust system
  • Custom wiring with handlebar hidden wires
  • Fast response throttle
  • Ufo headlamp


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