Dendrobium Electric Hypercar: Impossible to Endless Possibilities

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 8

Dendrobium is the first hypercar from Singapore built by Vanda Electrics. This car has an impressive design and is accompanied by a number of promising propulsion technologies. In its development, Vanda Electrics got the assistance of Williams Advanced Engineering to develop the Dendrobium electric powertrain.

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 8

With the collaboration of Vanda Electric and Williams, which is already famous in the realm of Formula1 racing, this supercar was developed based on the style of racing cars, such as the exterior that uses a lot of carbon fiber.


Superbly Powerful Car in Progress

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 7

Although the process of completing this car has not been fully completed, the representative of Vanda Electric claimed that the Dendrobium had already reached the production stage, the hypercar would use the two electric motors system on each axis.

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 2

Then on the front, the electric motor will be connected to a transmission with single and differential acceleration, while the rear part is connected to a multi-speed and differential transmission.

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 4

This configuration can accelerate Dendrobium from 0-100 km / h in 2.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 320 km/hour. Although there is no specific data yet, the Dendrobium has announced that this car will have 1,500 horsepower.


Unusually Beautiful Stature

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 5

Dendrobium has a body of 5,540 mm long, 2,270 mm wide and 1,199 mm high. Wheelbase stretches up to 3,530 mm. Dendrobium’s weight’s only 1,750 kg. That also includes Formula E batteries with a capacity of 90-100 kWh. Thanks to the battery, the car can reach distances of up to 400 km.

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 6

Visually, the appearance of Dendrobium looks unusual. Its body is supported by carbon fiber panels, butterfly doors that are opened towards the rear, composite monocoque chassis and ceramic carbon disc brakes.

Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 3

For the interior, the car seat is painted in contrast with the colors that dominate the cockpit, and the open door and roof designs resemble dendrobium orchids, Singapore’s flower trademark.



Dendrobium Electric Hypercar 9

Larissa Tan, CEO of Vanda Electrics said that they will only make around 10-20 Dendrobium units for the whole world, and all of them are right steering. Regarding the official price, the CEO only share a glimpse that price would reach millions of dollars. If the car then get a positive response, the hypercar can reach the production stage in 2020.

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