Litho: The Input Device for The Real World

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Wearable devices with the ability to control various gesture-based devices are not new but one of the startups based in the UK  has just taken another approach in creating the new perception. The startup comes up with a type of ring that is able to become the control center for a variety of other devices.

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Technically, Litho is actually not worthy of being categorized as a ring, because it is attached to two fingers at once, with the top and bottom extending. The surface at the bottom is a trackpad, which means the user can combine gesture pointing, rubbing and touching.

The startup is trying to make another association with innovation – one where innovation isn’t an obstruction to this present reality, but a device to upgrade and draw in with it.

Litho 4

Litho designers saw the potential of this device as a controller for AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens. But since AR is now also infecting mobile platforms, Litho also capable to be used as a controller rather than having to cover part of the screen with a finger when manipulating AR objects on a smartphone.

With your phone still in your pocket, you can directly control your lights, thermostat or smart speaker. No touchscreens, no remotes, no control panels. – Litho

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Controlling a new AR object is part of the whole Litho story because it is also very easy to use to control smart home devices. It all depends on the decision of the developers later, and the good news is that Litho development kits can be bought for $ 199.

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The retail version is expected to be sold at a price below $ 100. This product is not for everyone, but affordable prices can at least attract the attention of many consumers to try it.

  • Inputs:
    • Motion Sensing
    • Touch Surface
  • Outputs:
    • Haptics
    • LED
  • General:
    • Bluetooth
    • Processor
    • Power
      • 4 hours usage
      • 1000 hours of standby
      • 90 minute charge time

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