Cooler Master MK850: Keyboard? Gamepad? Why Not Both?

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Cooler Master, which has been closely associated with the supply of casings and coolers, has expanded its business wing to the realm of PC peripherals amidst increasing demand for high-end gaming gear. In response, the Taiwanese company launched sub-brand CM Storm in 2008 and offered a range of mouse, keyboard, and headset.

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Currently, there are lots of option on a keyboard with a variety of features offered in different price ranges. The keyboard is still considered the most superior control system, offering input flexibility and high accuracy, especially if the product is equipped with a mechanical switch.

But there is one excellent aspect in the gamepad: the analog stick part there is usually designed to be able to read the slightest pressure. That technology is presented by Cooler Master on their new gaming keyboard.

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The company introduced the MK850, a mechanical keyboard with the first pressure-sensitive technology in the world. Armed with this technology, the control process is more responsive, ensuring the MK850 is ideal for pro gamers who don’t want to compromise performance.

Cooler Master MK850 presents a full-size design plus macro buttons in the left area, carrying an aluminum brushed plate with a removable wrist rest and a scroll wheel programmable, connected to a PC via a USB type-C braided detachable cable.

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As a nod to the popular trend in the gaming gear segment, manufacturers didn’t forget to include a per-key RGB LED and allow us to customize the colors on each button and tamper with lighting patterns. The most special aspect of the MK850 is the presence of the Aimpad pressure-sensitive system. With it, the keyboard is able to translate input on keys even if you don’t press it fully.

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The pressure-sensitive capability there comes via infrared sensor support, implemented on eight essential buttons for control: Q, W, E, R, A, S, D and F. For the switch, Cooler Master selects the old Cherry MX Red reliable as the heart of many brands of gaming keyboards.

Aimpad technology itself has been used in a number of non-keyboard gaming peripherals, such as pilot-style joystick/control column and car steering wheel. The Cooler Master MK850 gaming keyboard is priced at $ 200.

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