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ELEMNT BOLT Computer is the first generation fo Wahoo for the easy user interface. If you love all about cycling, then this bike computer is a perfect thing for you. It can give you some awesome features that you need for your bike activity. It is wireless and also completed with GPS and flexible size for your bike. With ELEMNT BOLT Computer, your journey on the road will be easier.



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ELEMNT BOLT Computer is designed with the simple dimensions. The dimension of this computer body is about 2.9 x 1.8 x 0.87 inches with 2.2 inches of a screen. The weight is about 62 gram with a handlebar for the mount type.


Aerodynamic GPS

ELEMNT BOLT Computer 2

This bike computer has the best aerodynamic GPS head unit which is easy to use. GPS is an important thing for cycling activity, especially if the rider loves to have a new journey and experience of riding a bike at a new place via GPS.


Odometer and Altimeter

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ELEMNT BOLT Computer is also completed with altimeter and odometer. You can easily measure one point of the sea level with the altimeter on this bike computer, especially if you ride your bike to the mountain. The odometer on this computer will show you the distance that you have traveled.



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This bike computer will also give you the out-front mount, the stem mount, and the USB cable. The rechargeable style of it allows you to charge it with the USB cable that you get once you buy this product at the official store.



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The design of ELEMNT BOLT Computer is so helpful for you, especially when it gets dark while you are driving your bike. The backlight on this bike computer can be your additional light to see the feature that you use when you are cycling with your bike.


Complete Features

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Here are the features of ELEMNT BOLT Computer that you can use. Besides the GPS, you will also get the heart rate monitor, KICKR smart trainer control, ANT+, Bluetooth, and clock. There are more than 170 customizable data fields that you can use. It can be integrated well with your smartphone via the app.

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