Compass 2: A Portable and Multi-Use Stand for iPad

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If you often use an iPad, then you should have this portable and multi-use stand. Compass 2 is a perfect stand for your iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad mini, and all generations of the iPad Air. It is a compact stand with the best stable design that will hold your iPad in wide-screen or portrait mode. You just need to flip the secondary leg down to have a good typing stand.

Out of the Mess

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The best thing about Compass 2 is you will not have any mess when you use your iPad with it. You can bring it to your office without worrying about coffee split or use it in the kitchen as a media to find the best recipe. This stand will not make a mess in your kitchen.



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When Compass hold your iPad or iPad mini in a portrait mode, it is so natural and easy for FaceTime with your portrait head. This stand also can hold your iPad horizontally or vertically. That means you can have a widescreen FaceTime too.



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The simple and stylish design of Compass 2 will improve your fashion in anywhere, even in a cafe. With the soft rubber feet, this stand can protect the iPad surface. You can enjoy your favorite movie in hours with your own iPad and its stand just like in a theatre.


Instant Typing Stand

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With the fold-away secondary leg, Compass 2 will give you a comfortable and instant typing stand in second. You will be easier to type in Numbers, Pages, and also Keynote without having any neckache while you use it.


4 Colors

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If the black color of Compass 2 is not your taste, you don’t have to worry. This iPad stand is available in 4 different colors, black, cream, pink, and also grey. You just need to choose one of them based on your style of using an iPad.


Three Legs

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The three legs on Compass 2 make it more stable than other stands. With the basic geometry design, it will not knock your iPad over when you use it. Surely it will be more comfortable for you to use this stand for launching an app, swipe some a page, or even playing a video.

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