HiRise Duet: The Best Charging Stand for Your Apple Watch and iPhone

HiRise Duet 4

Your Apple Watch and iPhone can be charged together if you use HiRise Duet. This awesome charging is all you need in the same place and the same time. HiRise Duet is made from accented with napa leather and sleek metal. It is also designed with elegant stand with Watch Charging Disk and Lightning Connector. There is no need to use cables with HiRise Duet.

Faster Charging

HiRise Duet 1

HiRise Duet will give you a better and faster charging. With the wireless charging technology, your iPhone can be charged 40% faster than USB. The 5-watts of Lightning Power makes HiRise Duet is twice as fast as the wireless.


Solid Metal

HiRise Duet 2

HiRise Duet is made from metal. This material is designed as solid as rock. It makes your iPhone stand better than any plastic stands. Solid metal is not only making HiRise Duet has a high durability but also stylish as soon as you see it.



HiRise Duet 3

HiRise Duet has a simple dimension and it is also lighter. The total power is about 15w which is also integrated with Lightning Connector and Apple Watch Charging Disc. This best charging stand can be used to charge some iPhone types, like iPhone, iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c, and all generations of Apple Watch.


Nightstand Mode

HiRise Duet 4

Another best thing of HiRise Duet is the Nightstand mode. It is the first dual charging stand for you to charge the Apple Watch with the Nightstand mode. Use this dual charging means you can automatically change your Apple Watch into an alarm clock in your bedroom.



HiRise Duet 5

HiRise Duet offers you a simple design but it looks stylish. You can easily put it on your bedroom side table, it will not take too many spaces on it. This dual charging stand will not only become your best charging device but also a stylish decoration for your home.


Square Footprint

HiRise Duet 6

With the elegant and compact design, HiRise Duet only has 3.75 inches of square footprint size. This footprint is completed with a power cable extends from the stand base. You just need to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch when night comes and wake up with fully charged devices of them.

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