Wanle Gamers Console: Classic Games on Your iPhone Case

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If you love to play the classic games, all you need is Wanle Gamers Console. It is an iPhone case that you can use to enjoy the most popular classic games easily. You can use this case for iPhone 6 to X. Wanle Gamers Console for iPhone will bring you back to your past memories of playing the classic games in a different way. This case is limited edition only, so make sure you have one before it sold out.


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Wanle Gamers Console will not make your iPhone becomes heavier. This case is really lightweight and perfectly fit your iPhone. With the ultra slim and stylish, you may not notice that you use this case on your iPhone.


Port Access

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Wanle Gamers Console for iPhone is designed with full port access. You will have a complete port access that you need to play the classic games, such as flash, dock, headphone jack, all buttons, speaker, and also microphone.



Easy and Compatible

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Wanle Gamers Console is compatible with some iPhone series. They are iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8plus, and iPhone X. This case also has an easy installation off and on your iPhone.



Wanle Gamers Console 4

Wanle Gamers Console is made with a hard plastic protective design. It gives you better buttons and controls with authentic shape, unique style and also the real feeling of classic games. Wanle Gamers Console is also designed with sleekest controller case to protect it from falls and bumps.


10 Classic Games

Wanle Gamers Console 5

Wanle Gamers Console is a real thing for classic games lover. This case can be installed with 10 classic games, such as Snake and Block, Formula One Racing, Tetris, Tank, and so on. You can play different games each day.

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