A Fancy Oakywood Combo Dock for iPhone

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There’s an entire industry committed to planning docks and chargers for Apple’s iOS gadgets, and that industry got a lift a year ago when the Apple Watch touched base on the scene and made an interest for brilliant looking docks for Apple’s gleaming wearable. Company based in Poland, Oakywood is one of the many that try to dive into this market.

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• Length x Width: 18 x 9 cm (7″ x 3.5″)
• Height: 4.2 cm (1.65″)
• Wood is a natural material

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This dock is made of solid natural wood which in fact will slightly vary due to the use of natural wood. It comes in extraordinary yet special polygonal geometric shape. Intended to look unique either on your workspace or on your bedside table.

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The docking station utilized magnet hold system for the Apple watch space while also using the micro-suction technology to hold the devices on top of it. Any Apple product started from iPhone 5 toward the latest X is compatible with this original handmade docking station.

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The simplicity is all well thought on this product as this hybrid charging dock is also adopting the one-hand operation system while keeping the phone safe with its Premium Wool Felt.

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Another solid point to adore on this product is the application of adjustable backing procedure which means that this docking station will work with any case on your phone – what else do you need!?

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There are two versions of this Combo dock by Oakywood, you can choose either to take in yours made in oak or walnut type of wood which at the end will still be covered with mat natural oil, the capability of the product won’t change as you can still charge your iPhone or any of the Apple watch devices flawlessly.

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This wooden iPhone dock as every one of their items has been handcrafted in their workshop in Poland. Everything has been hand cut, hand sanded and hand oiled to ensure that the item will go into the hands of the customer in the most novel and well-made condition.

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