HYPER Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack: Compact, Lightweight, and Ergonomic

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Have you ever found it annoying to even charge your smartphone when you’re tired or in a hurry? It only takes a few seconds, but many people would like to try it if there is a method that can be done even a little easier. HYPER took another route to solve this problem by introducing Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack.

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Instead of a charging cable, you can also attach a magnetic battery pack to the back of your iPhone to charge your iPhone. The concept is applicable due to  Apple’s MagSafe technology that is a charging system that can be used with iPhone 12.

Using the built-in magnet, you can charge it by simply placing it on a compatible wireless charger or charging stand. In this case, it is easy to use wirelessly, but the disadvantage is that it takes longer to charge than when using a cable.

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Simply put, HYPER Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is a magnet-type power bank that can be charged faster than any other manufacturer’s model.

On top of that, the HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is recommended for those who want to pursue convenience. With a 5,000mAh (18Wh) battery, you can charge your iPhone 12/12 Pro’s battery from zero to about 94%.

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Although the device doesn’t; supports full charge, HyperJuice can charge 22% in 30 minutes, 41% in 1 hour. If you want to charge faster, you can also use a USB-C cable for 12W wired charging directly from the battery pack to the power slot.

Design, Price, and Availability

In terms of design, next to the button to start and stop wireless charging, four LEDs on the back show the charging status of the device. According to HYPER, the entire pack has sensors to prevent overheating, overloading, and detection of foreign objects.

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The HYPER Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack can be purchased directly from the HYPER website for $ 39.99.

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