Simplehuman Cleanstation: For Truly Clean Hands, Clean Your Phone

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Did you know, your iPhone can be dirtier than the toilet inside a public toilet? The manufacturer of smart home appliances simplehuman knows this very well and in the current situation of the increasingly complicated epidemic situation, owning a phone disinfector becomes even more necessary. Hence, cleanstation.

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While you can buy a phone sanitizer for only a few bucks on e-commerce platforms, simplehuman sets the price for cleanstation at an extremely high price. But do not rush to denigrate this product, because this particular smart home appliance maker also has its own reason.

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In terms of design, the cleanstation is shaped like a real bread machine, but because of the cheap plastic shell, simplehuman has machined its product with high-quality stainless steel.

To match many different room spaces, cleanstation owns a total of 3 color options including Silver (Brushed), Black (Slate), and White.

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The simplehuman cleanstation designed to work best with the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, but can still clean previous iPhone models and other smartphones if they fit inside the device.

According to simplehuman’s advertisement, when the user puts the phone in this sterilizer, your smartphone will be gently sucked inside the cleanstation, starting the cleaning process.

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After 30 seconds, the product will gently push” up again. According to the company, this process is exactly the same as the duration of a hand wash.

It is known that cleanstation uses high-intensity UV-C rays emitted by 30 ultraviolet light bulbs placed inside the machine. The sterilization rate after 30 seconds is claimed to be 99.9%.


Price and Availability

With integrated modern technologies plus its lemongrass look, the cleanstation will soon be on the market in late June for a price of $ 200.

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