Bugatti Pool Table: Pure Geometry and Mathematics

Bugatti Pool Table 5

Do you have a Bugatti? So you definitely have a yacht. It is with this logic that Bugatti introduced a carbon fiber pool table dubbed Bugatti Pool Table a few weeks ago –  with a really high price set.

It has a special function that makes it usable wherever there is an unstable surface, which would cause the balls on the table to move spontaneously.

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The Bugatti Pool Table was designed and manufactured in collaboration with the Spanish company IXO, which specializes in carbon fibers. Bugatti claims to be built on the standards and specifications of professional tournament tables.

Bugatti Pool Table 4

The frame of the table is made of machined aluminum and titanium and the surface of carbon fiber, which enhances the sporty nature of the Bugatti brand.

The ball pockets are made of leather and made of stainless steel, the sides of CNC machined anodized aluminum, and the nuts and bolts are titanium. The overall design is tuned to the gangster period of the 80s.

Bugatti Pool Table 3

The carbon fiber tails also have an aluminum part which reminds us of the design of the buttons inside Bugatti hypercars. Bugatti will also provide a number of accessories and other tweaks to the table, which will definitely come together when playing billiards.




The pool table is available with an optional self-leveling system driven by a servomotor. Using a gyroscopic sensor, each leg can be individually adjusted in less than 5 milliseconds to keep the pool table in the perfect plane. Bugatti claims that the system is completely quiet and vibration-free.

Bugatti Pool Table 1

This ingenious system, therefore, allows those who wish to install billiards on board a yacht without fear of the balls spinning in all directions, even at sea.



Price and Availability

There will be only 30 Bugatti Pool Tables produced, each with a numbered plaque and a prize that starts with basic equipment without a self-leveling system for $ 300,000, including accessories.

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