Fedora Toaster: A Magic Hat Toaster Design for Special Breakfast

Fedora Toaster 3

Fedora is the name of toaster product design with a touch of magic hat inspiration. This toaster comes in very special form for them who need a special breakfast too. The design is improved based on the breadcrumbs fall in many regular toasters that you usually use, just like a magic of the hat. Fedora Toaster is designed by multiple owners from Korea, Boem sic Jeon, Kim Hyunsoec, and hs2 studio.

Magic Hat Toaster

Fedora Toaster 10

Fedora Toaster is a magic hot toaster which is perfect to be used together with your other breakfast equipment. Once you have this toaster in your kitchen, you will have a special breakfast with your family every day.



Fedora Toaster 8

The rabbit magic is the main inspiration of Fedora Toaster. It is a fun toaster in the mundane day-to-day for you. With a magic hat toaster form, the well-baked toast will come out in the place of the rabbit just like an awesome magic.



Fedora Toaster 9

The first sketch of Fedora Toaster is kind of simple sketch. The Korean designers want to show how a product design like a toaster can be built in such as a simple idea from an awesome inspiration of the rabbit magic.



Fedora Toaster 3

Fedora Toaster 7

As you can see, Fedora Toaster comes in white color. The lowest part has a grey color that matches to the white color. The large size of the upper part is made just like a part of the rabbit hat. This design makes Fedora Toaster is different from other toasters.


Color Variation

Fedora Toaster 6

Fedora Toaster not only comes in white color but also black color. This color variation will give you another choice when you don’t really like white color only. Both black and white color on Fedora Toaster make it still looks awesome.



Fedora Toaster 2

Fedora Toaster 1

The use of Fedora Toaster is also simple. It is not different from your old toaster at home. The special thing is you will feel that a rabbit may come to your home right from the inside of this hat toaster. The design also makes you feel great to use it.



Fedora Toaster 11

This toaster looks simple but actually, it has a stylish design if you see it closely. It matches perfectly with your kitchen island or your dining room table. The color also comes well together with your plates, your cup, and even your knife.

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